Cisco 2900 Series

The Cisco 2900 Series routers also known as the Cisco 2900 Series Integrated Service Routers are the generation 2 routers designed for use in medium sized business environments. You can benefit from adopting the 2900 series as it provides high performance using powerful multicore processors. Also you need not worry about security as with brilliant features such as good firewalls and an Intrusion Prevention System; your network is safe from virus attack and malicious software. Advanced and agile application services, WAN connectivity and optimization and unified communication that support voicemail and call processing allows you to get the best performance for your investment.

A number of routers from the Cisco 2900 ISR series are available here at TNH at competitive prices. A few of the routers include the Cisco 2901-SEC-K9, Cisco 2911-SEC-K9, Cisco 2921-SEC-K9, Cisco 2951-SEC-K9 and Cisco 2951-V-K9.