Cisco 3800 Series

The Cisco 3800 series routers promise high performance, network agility, security and intelligence for your network. Designed for the most demanding workplace environments, the 3800 series promises to ease deployment and management of your network while at the same time lower its cost and complexity. As such this series is perfect for medium sized to large corporations with a complex network. You can have secure connectivity for voice, video and any other form of data because the series provides advanced firewalls, IP security, intrusion prevention and many other security features. Video surveillance, Unified Communication and an architecture optimized for growth are some of the other highlights of the 3800 series.

We at TNH are here to help you select the best product for your network. There are many different models on sale at competitive prices including the Cisco 3825, Cisco 3845, Cisco 3825-SEC-K9 and the Cisco 3845-SEC-K9.